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Olde Towne Quarry is available in nine colors. All colors are available in smooth or abrasive surface. Wire cut surface is available by special order, minimum quantity required. Always check factory, inventory may be available. Summitville Quarry Tile specification standards conform to …


2018-3-1 · QUARRY TILE COLORS TECHNICAL DATA* Specification Reference Test Method Test Result Dynamic Coefficient of Friction ANSI A137.1 >0.42 Breaking Strength ASTM C648 >250lbf Scratch Hardness MOHS 7 Red Auburn Brown *All technical data was supplied by the manufacturer and is being provided by CMC for informational purposes only.


1. ANSI A108.1A, 2005 - Specifications for Installation of Ceramic Tile in the Wet-Set Method with Portland Cement Mortar. 2. ANSI A108.1B, 2005 - Specifications for Installation of Ceramic Tile on a Cured Portland Cement Mortar Setting Bed with Dry-Set or Latex Portland Cement Mortar. 3.

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Trikeenan WASHED QUARRY tile are formed from wet clay; finished, glazed and fired to 2200 degrees F. Custom tiles may be produced at other temperatures and with other processes. Standard Specifications. Trikeenan conforms to ANSI 137.1 as Special Purpose Tile. Our tile are produced, graded and packed to our stated specifications. How to Specify.

American National Standard Specifications for Ceramic Tile

2020-1-16 · quarry tile, pressed floor tile, glazed wall tile, porcelain tile, trim units, and specialty tile. This standard provides quality criteria for buyers, specifiers, installers, manufacturers, and the public in general. It is intended for reference or inclusion in the ceramic tile section of project specifications and contracts.

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Quarry Tile possesses warm, natural color throughout the tile, which makes it perfect throughout the home, from floors and walls to outdoor patio and pool areas.


2015-12-16 · Project Name M-DCPS MASTER Dec. 2015 Project No. SPECIFICATION GUIDELINES 09330 - 3 B. Quarry Base Tile: 5" x 5" x 1/2" inch size, pre-paraffined, with coved bottoms, "thin lip" rounded tops, rounded external corners, and matching quarry floor tile.

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2015-4-25 · Quarry Tile > 100 psi (0.7 MPa) 300-400 psi (2.1-2.8 MPa) Sag on Vertical Surfaces ≤ 1/16" 0-1/16" Open Time at Room Temperature ≥ 50 minutes 50-60 minutes Adjustability at Room Temperature ≥ 30 minutes 30-40 minutes Final Set 9-15 hours 9-15 hours 28 Day Shear Strength ANSI A118.11 Quarry Tile to Plywood


2021-2-9 · floor tile – non-abrasive surface diablo red 0t01 (1) ashen flash 0t04 (2) adobe flash 0t06 (2) red flash 0t02 (1) ashen gray 0t03 (2) adobe brown 0t05 (2) sahara sand 0t08 (2) floor quarry textures ™ quarry visit the why tile page at for a complete list of qualifications and exclusions. finishes: matte | textured sizes: 8 x ...

Safety Data Sheet

2019-1-29 · Thin Brick and Quarry Tile are products used as coverings for floors and walls. Section 2. Hazard Identification Thin Brick and Quarry Tile are composed of mixtures of naturally occurring clays and shales fired to at least 1100 degrees C. Under normal conditions, these products do not release hazardous material before, during or after installation.


2018-11-7 · Tile installed under equipment must be smooth. Installation: A. The grout spacing width between tiles shall not exceed ¼ inch. B. Grout between lines and quarry tile types without a glazed surface finish must be sealed to be impervious to water, grease and acid. Epoxy grout is the required standard for tile floor.

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Quarry Tile & Thin Brick Product Literature. Download and share these PDF''s to learn more about our products. This page is an easy and concise way to access sales support and technical information on Metropolitan Ceramics®, Royal Thin Brick®, and METROBRICK® products. We understand how valuable your time is, and we know that searching ...

ANSI A137.1:2021 – Standard Specifications For Ceramic Tile

2021-7-30 · The standard for ceramic tile, ANSI A137.1:2021 – American National Standard Specifications For Ceramic Tile, covers quality criteria useful for buyers, specifiers, installers, manufacturers, and the public. Origin of Ceramics. Ceramics is an ancient art. Dating back to 24,000 BC—and originally composed of animal fat and bone blended with bone ash and a fine …

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These unglazed quarry tiles are naturally stain and slip-resistant, and are available with an abrasive grain for even greater traction for demanding commercial spaces indoors and out.

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Click Here for Specifications. Summitville Quarry Tile is extruded to provide uniform density, strength and rugged performance in high-traffic areas. Precision ground edges provide controlled sizing, clean straight lines and full flush joints. Quarry Tile is resistant to acids, oils, detergents and is fire-proof, fade-proof and dent-proof.


2021-11-30 · Quarry tile must have flat or serrated back. Chemical-Resistant Quarry Tiling Materials must contain a minimum of [3][10][_____] percent recycled content. Provide data identifying percentage of recycled content for chemical-resistant quarry tile. Slip-Resistant Quarry Tile ***** NOTE: Slip-resistant quarry tile should be

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No tile floor is slip proof, but when looking for a no slip floor, these may be your best slip resisting option especially in a commercial kitchen flooring environment. The Quarry series also features Pavers, which are engineered to meet the demands of …


2022-1-2 · specifications, cleaning and maintenance. Detailed information can be found at metroceramics Page 15 Page 16 Test Results Specifications & Cleaning ... quarry tile is an excellent cradle to cradle product because it is mined at a close proximity to the manufacturing site and it can last for many years, even centuries. ...


2018-12-20 · each tile for added slip resistance. COF of at least 0.90 dry and 0.70 wet at time of manufacture. METRO® ESQ Manufactured with a square edge. Designed specifi cally to be used with epoxy grout for a smaller grout joint. ECO QUARRYTM Meets the standards for 1/2" thick quarry tile in a 3/8" thick size. Uses less grout and reduces freight ...

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2021-4-22 · quarry tile to quarry tile > 100 psi (0,69 MPa) at 28 days 225 to 300 psi (1,55 to 2,07 MPa) ANSI Specification when mixed with Polymer Additive Test Method Specification Standard Test Results ANSI A118.4 – shear strength, impervious ceramic (porcelain) mosaics > 200 psi (1,38 MPa) at 28 days 200 to 300 psi (1,38 to 2,07 MPa)

American National Standard Specifications for Ceramic Tile

2019-9-27 · floor tile, glazed wall tile, porcelain tile, trim units, and specialty tile. This standard provides quality criteria for buyers, specifiers, installers, manufacturers, and the public in general. It is intended for reference or inclusion in the ceramic tile section of project specifications and contracts. This is a preview of "ANSI A137.1:2017".

Quarry Tile Shade Range

2014-11-17 · Quarry Tile Shade Range The Ruabon palette of seven natural earthtone shades shown here is achieved by meticulous control of firing conditions in a computer-controlled tunnel kiln, which is over 100 metres long. Several shades may be used together, either to complement each other or to provide contrast. Use of colour-defined

Quarry Tile Specifications 6-17-13

2014-1-23 · Quarry Tile Specifications, June 17, 2013 Summitville Tiles, Inc. • P.O. Box 73 • Summitville, Ohio 43962 • (330) 223-1511 • FAX (330) 223-1414 5. Water Absorption – ASTM C-373-88 (06) When tested as described in ASTM C-373 …


2020-11-23 · floor tile red blaze 0q40 (1) blaze flash 0q41 (2) arid gray 0q42 (2) arid flash 0q48 (2) quarry tile ™ quarry visit the why tile page at for a complete list of qualifications and exclusions. finishes: matte | textured sizes: 6 x 6 floor tile 4 x 8 floor tile quarry usage see charts for full product details notes:

Guide for Writing Outline Specifications

2017-10-25 · 093013 CERAMIC TILE. Ceramic mosaic tile walls and quarry tile floors in Toilets (Public and Staff). 096500 RESILIENT FLOORING. Provide resilient flooring in utility, storage, and mechanical spaces. 096813 TILE CARPETING


2021-11-30 · Specifications for Glass Tile ANSI A137.3/A108.19 (2017) American National Standard Specifications for Gauged Porcelain Tile and Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels/Slabs ASTM INTERNATIONAL (ASTM) ... Mosaic tile and quarry tile can be vitreous tile. 3, Semi-Vitreous tile has water absorption (wa) of ...

SECTION 09 30 13

2020-12-14 · This section specifies interior ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile, marble thresholds and window stools, terrazzo divider strips, waterproofing membranes for thin-set applications, crack isolation membranes, and tile backer board. ... A137.1-17American National Standard Specifications for Ceramic Tile.

Quarry Tile Products

Metropolitan Ceramics gives you the largest selection of quarry tile products available. Choose from products for an outdoor patio to a heavy commercial application. Here are more quarry tile options, including a treaded quarry tile, a quarry paver, and a textured 4" x 8" tile.

09 30 16 (09331)

2019-12-9 · .3 Install quarry tile on mortar bed over insulation in refrigeration rooms to TTMAC details Nos. [200 28] [200 28A]. END OF SECTION. BMS Basic Master Specification Infrastructure. Master Specification System Page 0 LEED Notes and Credits Section 09 30 16. 2014-11-01 Quarry Tile Flooring BMS Basic Master Specification Infrastructure